Precision7 offers tax-advantaged savings through IRA consultation and tax deferrals. We consult with our clients in order to prepare their retirement savings plan. Our Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a personal savings plan that provides tax advantages for saving money for retirement; we can reduce your tax liability. IRA’s are optional but largely encouraged by various companies because they provide a favorable tax framework, both to the employees who benefit and the companies that offer them.

Contributions to your IRA are made with after-tax money; hence withdrawals from your contributions are tax-free. There are also no minimum distribution requirements of the original owner. We offer a variety of management solutions for tax-deferred earnings. In fact, Precision7 has designed a capital guaranteed solution that is unique in the market.

Traditional IRA

A traditional IRA was the first to be approved by the United States government. A traditional IRA has two main benefits. Firstly, payment of taxes is deferred from IRA income until funds are withdrawn.

Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is a newer retirement savings plan.