About Us

A One-Stop Solution for All Your Medical Billing Needs

We provide a full suite of end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions to help medical practices bring down their operational expenses, maximize their revenue, reduce claim denial rate, and improve their efficiency and productivity.

No matter you are a sole practitioner or a group with multiple specialties, we can develop customized solutions that meet the specific needs of your practice.

While you focus on your patients, let us take care of all of your back-office operations and help make your practice thrive.

  • Simplified Claim Processing and Submission
  • Reduced Claim Denial Rate
  • Higher Percentage of Clean Claims
  • Increased Practice Collections and Revenue
  • Reduced Outstanding Accounts Receivables
  • Improved Patient Experience.

Specializing in ‘Practice Management’ since 2005

Our team of experienced, dedicated professionals provide such a high level of exemplary service, that we stand in a league of our own when compared to other firms. We are committed to delivering exceptional support to our medical office cliental. Our billing staff is well versed in, and has pursued many, HMO, PPO, Local Union, Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Comp, and Personal Injury claims.

Precision7’s Business Philosophy

With over 15 years of experience in the Practice Management Industry, we are dedicated to getting the job done right THE VERY FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME. We believe there is no room for error in healthcare and that reputation is everything; with this in mind, we are very proud to offer you the highest standard of customer care: this is our Precision7 promise to you!

Back Office Solutions You Can Depend On

Our team of Medical Billing professionals is headquartered in the USA. This allows us to be there for you at your convenience. With Precision7 on your side, there are no billing software costs, no monthly or annual software leasing and support fees, and no equipment or utilities bills. By allowing us to take care of your back office solutions, you free up valuable office space and prevent staff from fielding time consuming billing calls.