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Why Precision7

Technology has managed to make a major impact in just about every domain, but the Medical Industry has benefited from it the most. But while technology is used on a daily basis to save lives, why not use it to take care of the daily tasks at you Medical Practice as well? While there are multiple systems available on the market, so why choose Precision7?

Precision7 is the one of the best solution in the market that can help you manage medical records, medical billing and manage all your data and tasks more economically and efficiently.

A Complete Practice Management System

Unlike other companies, Precision7 has designed its processes from ground up with the core idea of helping your practice function more efficiently and keep it streamlined. This is the only medical system on the market that offers seamless integration and web interface with your EMR system while bring you substantial savings.

Increase Productivity

Thanks to the numerous unique features integrated in our system, Precision7 manages to stand out from the competition by improving the overall productivity, reducing the waiting time to zero, as medical professionals can easily schedule appointments in a more efficient manner and track the patient history.

Constant Support

A major benefit of working with us is that once you Sign-Up, you will constantly receive free support for your IT and EMR infrastructure, online or on-site, depending on your situation. Precision7 offers complete help and professionalism, which definitely makes it one of the best Practice Management Service provider on the market.


Precision7 is not as expensive as most competitors in the market, but yet it manages to bring the best results, at an affordable cost. We believe in smaller profits and higher retention rate. That’s why we keep growing without having to employee a large sales force. Our growth has been dependent on word of mouth and referrals from existing clients.

The best thing about Precision7 is surely the fact that it provides daily posting, daily submission, daily follow-ups’ and effectively improves your revenue cycle as it manages to keep the patient database and other practice goals up to date at all times, without breaking the bank.


Forget about the old times where you had to calculate everything manually, Precision7 system takes care of the entire Practice Management process for you. The commendable fact relating to Precision7 is surely that the basis of its creation was led by a specialized group of people which brought professionalism and a piece of mind for medical practitioners, while maintaining a good trajectory at all times.

Cost Effective

Precision7 allows you eliminate the need for acquiring extra labor to help you with your growing needs and requirements; instead with Precision7 on your side, you get the desired help right on the spot at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with hardware costs, software licensing costs, annual maintenance fees, and support costs. Precision7 offers professional, reliable, and cost effective solutions, which will help you start saving thousands in just a few months. Why spend additional money on additional labor, when you can invest those saving in improving and growing your practice, for example getting new equipment for your Practice, improving your marketing, furniture and ambiance etc.

Do you want to keep up with the latest changes in the medical industry?
As you can see, Precision7 offers a wide range of services and benefits at affordable costs that you cannot find anywhere else. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate and contact us today, and we will help streamline the workflow in your Medical Practice in no times.

Take full advantage of our team of experts and get the help you need while lowering your costs with Precision7. Contact us today!