Pros and Cons of Medical Billing Companies

12 May,2018

Precision7 Inc. is one of the top medical billing companies in the US, the company has over a decade of cumulative experience in various aspects of the healthcare industry.For those who are interested in buying a new medical billing software system, they most definitely have thought about an online medical billing software solution. All these solutions have grown to be more and more popular since conventional customer server application developed into 100% internet based solutions. Before selecting a complete online billing or practice management solution you have to think of the pros and cons. You are actually choosing a platform that the primary objective of your practice depends on cash flow. In this post we are going to review the pros and cons of web based healthcare billing solutions.

The Pro’s Of Using Online Billing Software

Undoubtedly you will have some idea about the basic software delivery model. In that model, you require a server as well as local network in which you connect to your server, your medical billing and practice management database. For this model, you require IT infrastructure to help support the product along with computer assistance & IT to assist both the hardware and software. Quite a few people today still work with this model effectively and in fact would prefer to have their records in their procession. Most are searching for an alternate way out.
The web based solutions no doubt have pros. Few of these are:

  • An internal server is not needed to host the billing or practice management database.
  • Server routine maintenance is not really required, saving a lot of money on the server hardware along with the interrelated maintenance contracts.
  • Say goodbye to software upgrades. Simply because the solution is completely web based, the online software provider will certainly maintain the software in your annual fee.
  • HIPAA secure. Almost all of the web based solutions maintain HIPAA Security and certification. This implies that you are able to prove HIPAA compliance by using their program.
  • Your data is offsite. This could be a plus because the data is offline in case of a crash.
  • Lower support costs. Because of the fact that your server is offline, you could require quite less time from your IT support provider.

The Con’s Of Using Online Billing Software

Usually there are few drawbacks and risks to consider in a web based billing solution. Few of these are:

  • The capability of the software support provider. It is best to pick out a provider that is financially sound. In case the provider runs out of business you have to ensure you can get the records transfer to an alternative solution. Another option is you can have is, the provider place the software in escrow as a part of the agreement.
  • Reliant on the Internet. The internet is extremely dependable however can lose connectivity sometimes. You have to take initiatives to ensure that your internet connection is reliable for an online billing solution.
  • Is it possible to always get rid of the server? Quite often your provider will sell you on the fact that you can get rid of the server anytime. Whereas it is also true if you only make use of practice management and medical billing you will still require the server. This indicates you most likely be affecting your costs in the long run.

Be patient in choosing the proper product or service therefore you might find the web based method is just for you.

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