How Do I Spot Medical Billing Errors?

06 March,2018

Medical billing errors:

They are maybe more common than you think, and they could be costing you cash. In reality, thousands of Americans could be overpricing on their medical bills because of common errors. To help save your wallet, you should bring a healthy skepticism to any medical bill you receive by cautiously checking for common errors to make sure you are paying the right amount. When you visit your medical provider, you’ll receive an invoice telling you how much you owe. However, because errors are common, make sure you request an itemized bill or report from the hospital or your physician. In this way, you can carefully verify each service you are being charged for. Some more common medical billing error:

  • Cautiously check for duplicate charges to ensure you were not billed twice for a single service or procedure. With an itemized bill, it should be much easier to spot.
  • Little errors such as wrong name spellings or policy number misprints are common on medical bills. If your insurance identification number is incorrect, it can lead to a claim denial or a full amount sent out by your health insurance provider.
  • Balance billing is another error. It is often improper when the care was provided by an in-network hospital or doctor. If you think you’ve been balance billed, compare the bill with your EOB to confirm. It is most common when you are treated out-of-network for non-emergency care, as doctors can set the fee to charge you and bill you for anything over the cash your insurance covers.

In the past, medical bills are difficult to decipher. Medical bills are loaded with numerical codes, confusing abbreviations, charges, and payments. So the initial step in identifying errors lies in understanding rightly what you’re looking at and not being anxious to admit when something is confusing. For accurate, reliable Medical Billing and collection solutions for your practice, choose the one firm that more doctors and medical professionals choose over any other, choose Precision7 Inc.

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